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  • lee kingham

    Like a lot of people when I was younger I was rather slim and over the years I put on weight year on year. Having hit 40 two years ago I decided to try and do something about my weight so I cut back on food did some moderate exercise and managed to shift some weight however after 3-4 months the weight came back and over the following two year even more weight was put on.

    I had a 15month old child with another child on the way and I was determined to still be around to see my children grow up, we all hear about diabetes and heart problems relating to weight and diet and I had already started to feel tired with aching joints so enough was enough now I never stick to diets and can’t stand gyms so I needed someone to push me, someone to be accountable to.

    Due to running my own business while also having a young family, any spare time is precious so I needed results fast and decided that a personal trainer and personalised diet plan was the best route to take, and having seen some of Griffin fits success stories I signed up with them.

    The day I started my training I weighed 109.3kg (17.2 stone) in the first 12 weeks I have lost 17kg (2.6 stone) I’m still amazed I originally only wanted to lose 1.5 stone!

    Food: My diet plan is really good with good portion sizes (particularly the evening meal!)

    Energy: I now have more energy and my knees no longer ache

    Accountability: One part of the course requires clients to take weekly pictures and weight measurements while at home which are then sent to Griffin Fit, this really does keep you accountable for your own progress and seeing the change in your own body is all the encouragement you need.

    lee kingham